Year Round Maintenance Tips for Your Roof

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While Vancouver residents miss out on much of the snowfall that most eastern Canadians experience–like those living in Toronto–throughout the year, the rainfall more than makes up for it. Heavy and steady rainfalls, such as those that occur in Vancouver, BC’s Pacific Northwest region, often result in roof damage and leaky basements, so it is imperative that homeowners and business owners in the area do everything possible throughout the year to prevent this issues.

Roof Year Round Maintenance Tips

Year round roof maintenance is essential, regardless of the climate, but even more so when you face built-in challenges like those that rainfall–whether pelting or coming down steadily for long durations–the need to continually batten down the hatches becomes even more important. Your roof protects the rest of your home or business structure, so taking care of it regularly is a top priority no matter how beautiful the weather is at the time.

The following five year round roof maintenance tips will help keep roofs in good shape, all year long, rain or shine.

1. Inspect Your Roof for Missing Shingles and Other Troubling Issues Each Season. Replace Damaged Materials as Necessary.

Each season, particularly in a maritime area such as Vancouver with unpredictable weather patterns, take the time to assess the health and well-being of your roof. If you come across any damaged shingles, go ahead and take care of that problem right away. If a shingle is missing from the roof, you might find it in tact on your premises. If you can’t find it, replace it with the same type of shingle and nails. If some of your shingles are curling, replace those too since they will allow water to work its way under your roof and cause rot.

2. Prepare for Those Rare Wintry Winters in Vancouver.

Even though snowfall is quite low–under 1 centimeter each year on average–you still need to prepare. If the unlikely snow dump occurs, remove any snow that might build up on your roof.

3. Clean Up Your Roof.

A power washer works wonders to clear away sticky debris or anything caught in nooks of the roof. Pay special attention to moss, mildew and algae, which are prevalent in damp climates, since they help to hold moisture in your roof, leaving damage behind. Mix up a batch of bleach and water to obliterate algae.

4. Keep Your Gutters Clear.

You definitely want all of that rain water to rush away from your roof as quickly as possible. If your gutters become clogged, the water actually backs up onto the roof and can pool there, leading to damage. Clear your gutters of leaves and debris, particularly in late fall after the leaves fall from trees, while also making sure the gutters are securely attached to your home or business structure.

5. Trim Nearby Trees.

Avoid the constant rubbing and damage that can cause your roof by regularly trimming trees that come into contact with your roof. Prune in late winter or early spring.

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