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In many ways, the siding on your building is just as important as the roof over head. When the time comes to renovating your building, you'll have a few decisions to make about the finished look and the type of siding material you want to use. There are plenty of choices, including vinyl, wood, and aluminum, each of which have certain pros and cons concerning durability and cost effectiveness. One commercial siding material that stands out among others in terms of overall lifespan is less common, but perhaps the best investment out of all other siding options. Combining the durability and low maintenance of masonry and the attractive looks of coloured wood or vinyl siding, fiber-cement siding, or Hardie Board, is the ideal choice for any homeowner looking for an upgrade.

Although Hardie Board ranks among the best materials used for siding available on the market, only a few companies actually manufacture it for residential use. This is mostly because only a few large companies possess the necessary capital and infrastructure to create this product. A Hardie Board install is extremely durable, and will easily hold up to the coastal climate of Vancouver and the surrounding areas when professionally installed. At Coast Mountain Roof, we have all the necessary experience and resources to provide you with a top quality installation of a top quality siding material. We have also prepared a brief description of the top brands of fiber-cement board available to help you get started on your selection.

Top Fiber-Cement Siding Brands

Allura Plycem

Under the name Allura Plycem, this brand of fiber-cement siding is relatively new and unheard of. However, this brand's name was only recently changed after CertainTeed moved its fiber-cement manufacturing under their Plycem USA Inc. brand. Although the brand name has changed, the quality of material and the type of products produced using the Allura Plycem name are consistent with those previously made by CertainTeed. Allura offers lap siding, shingles and vertical siding options, as well as large, flat, smooth slabs for more contemporary styles.

James Hardie

Unlike Allura Plycem, which is owned by CertainTeed, a company that makes a wide array of different building materials, James Hardie Industries is completely focused on manufacturing and distributing fiber-cement products. In fact, the company is so well known for making fiber-cement boards, many people regularly refer to all fiber-cement products as Hardie Boards. This brand is among the most popular and well established among the top fiber-board sellers, and has spent many years building a strong reputation based on the high quality of their product. They mainly offer siding in the form of planks and rectangular panels that vary in length and thickness. HardiePlank, like all fiber-cement can be painted, which gives you plenty of options when it comes to custom colours and design options for your home.

GAF Weatherside

You may have actually seen this brand of siding at home improvement stores like the Home Depot, but it is only sold in small pieces intended for patching existing siding. GAF Weatherside fiber-cement products are mostly intended for smaller scale replacement or repair jobs, which is why it is offered in shingle-only styles. All GAF products are manufactured just south of the border in the USA, and are ideally suited for jobs that require asbestos-cement replacement.


If you're a fan of the little guy, you may want to consider giving your business to this Houston, Texas based company. Unlike some of the other companies mentioned above, MaxiTile is a smaller operation that still offers a wide range of fiber-cement products including lap boards, panels and soffit. In addition to their diverse product list MaxiTile is committed to establishing meaningful and strong relationships with its customers and vendors. MaxiTile competes with the resources of a larger company by providing highly personalized service to each of its customers in order to cultivate lasting business relationships.

Nichiha (Commercial)

For the most part, this brand is relatively unheard of among average homeowners. Despite this fact, it is very likely that you have seen more than one building that features Nichiha fiber-cement siding. For 60 years, this Japanese based company has cornered the market on commercial and large sized fiber-cement products. Fast food and retail chains often use Nichiha products as a long lasting siding solution for their store locations, and many large condominiums are known to feature Nichiha fiber cement siding. This brand is known for providing a top quality product that features a number of unique innovations in terms of colour and design. Up until this point, Nichiha has maintained a relatively small presence in the residential siding market, but has long been the go to option for large commercial siding projects of all types.

Fiber-Cement Siding Costs

Once you have chosen the right fiber-cement brand for your siding project, it is time to start considering what else will go towards the cost of the upcoming job. For the most part, material and labour costs are pretty standard, and will only vary depending on the size and duration of the particular job. In addition to these costs, you'll want to factor in other aspects of the project like extra supplies, removal of old siding and disposal of debris. The average cost to install fiber-cement siding when taking all of these factors into account is between $6 and $11 per square foot.

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