Cedar Shake Roof Conversions

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Replace Cedar Shakes With Asphalt Shingles

In the late 90's, several houses were built using cedar shakes as their primary roofing material. Unfortunately, time has shown that cedar roofs are prone to rotting and cannot maintain an airtight seal to effectively waterproof the roof. Furthermore, cedar shake repairs are more expensive than shingle roof repairs, making them a costly roofing system to maintain. As such, many homeowners are interested in cedar roof conversions.

Cedar Shake Roof Conversions

Are you planning to replace cedar shakes with asphalt shingles? Coast Mountain Roof is here to help! We can transform your troublesome cedar shake roof into an outstanding piece of property. Not only is our company known for providing unique commercial roofing results, but we’re also renowned for our great customer service. No matter the size of your roofing project, we treat all our clients with respect and dignity, taking pride in every job. With our vast commercial roofing experience, we will assess the specifics of your cedar shake roof conversion to ensure you get fully customized results. Offering both high quality services and products, our industry-leading roofing company has managed to maintain the high ratings from our clients over many years of work.

Enjoy High-Level Perfectionism

At Coast Mountain Roof, we know that all property owners who want to replace cedar shakes with asphalt shingles demand nothing, but the best. This is in terms of durability, appearance and function. Our professional roofers believe in offering unique artistry and craftsmanship in all cedar shake roof conversions. You can have full confidence and trust with us throughout the conversion process.

Provide fully customized roofing results

We are proud of providing customized results that meet all your specific roofing specifications. Our roofers take time to understand your specific needs to ensure that we offer tailored results. All our projects are handled with utmost respect and care. We live your property looking far much better than it was before. More to this, the look of your entire property stands out with the asphalt shingles we install.

Fast and efficient Cedar shake roof conversions

At Coast Mountain Roof, we understand that you do not have a lot of time to wait as we replace cedar shakes with asphalt shingles. Therefore, our roofers ensure that they complete the project within the shortest time possible. The good thing is that we have a pool of talented roofers, so we dedicate a large team to ensure that your project is completed within a very short time. However, even as we perform the job quickly, we are focused on details. So, you can expect to get roofing results that go beyond your expectations.

Affordable services

Despite that we offer the highest quality Cedar shake roof conversions, we charge the most competitive price for our services. We offer free estimates and full quotes after assessing your project. With our services, you can relax knowing there are no hidden costs that arise after our roofers have completed your project. Even if you are working on a small budget, we can always customize our services to suit your budget.

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