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Trust Coast Mountain Roof Ltd. as your Vancouver roofing contractor for your ongoing roof maintenance and roof repair. Whether you need a commercial roofing contractor to fix a leaky roof at your business, or a residential roofing contractor to replace the roof on your home, we are your trusted choice. For more details on our commercial roofing services please submit the 'Request An Estimate' form and we'll contact you immediately or call 604-420-1657 to speak to someone today.

All roof types need repair or replacement from time to time. We perform regular maintenance to help prolong the life of your roof. Our periodic roof inspections will help you spot developing problems before they cause costly damage to your home or business property, and require emergency roof repairs. The extent of the problem and age of the roof are key factors that can help you decide whether to perform roof repairs or completely replace the roof finish.

Common Situations Requiring Roof Repairs

Roofing is done with various materials, Vancouver roof repairsand depending on age and wear there are a variety of repair or maintenance options. Here are some common ones:

  1. The roof may have localized damage such as a few missing shingles, have widespread damage or have exceeded the life expectancy of the roof.
  2. The roof may appear to sag in some areas because of insufficient strength or deterioration of framing or sheathing.
  3. There may be damage to the roofing material and structure due to build-up of ice during the winter.
  4. Leaks may occur at the flashing, during heavy rainfall.
  5. Excess moisture in the attic area can lead to deterioration of the roof structure.
  6. The roofing material may have failed due to poor installation or may not be the proper type for the specific application.
  7. High wind storm damage requiring emergency roof repairs

We are experienced roofing professionals and equipped to handle all of these situations. Trust us for your roof repair project!

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