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What is TPO Roofing?

Thermoplastic Polyolefin – commonly known as TPO roofing – is one of the most popular roofing solutions for commercial buildings in Vancouver. A TPO membrane roof contains a blend of rubbers and various fillers to increase the durability and flexibility of the product. Praised for being a high performing roofing product, the TPO roofing membrane is a single-ply system that provides exceptional heat-reflecting, UV resistant, and energy efficient results.

TPO Roofing Installation

A relatively new technology, TPO roofing is a cost-effective and high-performing roofing solution for commercial buildings throughout Greater Vancouver. Introduced in the 1990s as an economical alternative to PVC roofing, the demand for TPO roofing has grown substantially in recent years. Not only does a TPO membrane roof reflect heat and UV rays, but it’s also manufactured to be recycled upon expiry. Meaning, it’s the most sustainable option for commercial flat roofs, which is important in our environmentally conscious province.

With the right team, the process of installing a TPO roofing system is simple, effective, and affordable. And at Coast Mountain Roof, we have the experience and skills needed to install TPO roofing that is long lasting and efficient. Here’s how we do it…

As TPO roofing is a single-ply system, only one sheet (or membrane) is installed. Despite the single-sheet application, the TPO roofing membrane is highly durable and consists of the following bonded layers:

  • Thermoplastic polyolefin as the base layer
  • Polyester-reinforced fabric as the center layer
  • Thermoplastic polyolefin as the top layer

Formed in large sheets, a TPO roofing system can be installed through three methods. The first is mechanical fastening, where the TPO roofing membrane is secured using special screws and plates. The second option is ballasting, where the material is weighed down using gravel. Finally, the material can be fully adhered to the flat roof using a liquid adhesive or by tar mopping. Depending on time, budget, and building specifications, Coast Mountain Roof will suggest the best method of installation for your commercial roof.

An image of TPO system been installed on the roof
Our TPO roofing contractors installed lots of TPO roofing systems on a commercial building

TPO Roofing Costs

Like all roofing types, there are several factors that determine the cost of a TPO roofing system. The type of insulation used under the TPO roofing membrane, the size and dimensions of the roof, the conditions, and more, can affect the overall cost to install TPO roofing. Due to the various factors affecting cost, our team at Coast Mountain Roof can provide a personalized quote for your commercial roof. Please fill out the form on the right to request an installation estimate for your TPO roofing system.

Benefits of TPO Roofing

While there are many reasons to choose TPO roofing for your commercial flat roof, the most notable benefits are that TPO is:

  • Flexible. TPO roofing membrane is a highly flexible material, allowing it to be more resistant to tears, damage, and punctures.
  • UV Resistant. The material of a TPO roofing system can resist ultraviolet (UV) rays, extending its lifespan and improving a buildings’ ability to regulate internal temperatures.
  • Sustainable. TPO roofing can be recycled upon expiry, making it a greener option compared to other roofing types.
  • Durable. While remaining flexible, a TPO roofing system is also very strong, and can last upwards of 20 years with proper installation.

Vancouver TPO Roofing Contractor

At Coast Mountain Roof, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality work throughout Vancouver’s Lower Mainland. With nearly two decade’s worth of experience installing TPO roofing to commercial buildings, we know how to repair, replace, and maintain this type of roof with minimal interruption to your business. With careful craftsmanship and highly tested materials, we guarantee the longest possible life for your TPO roofing system. Coast Mountain Roof is Vancouver’s trusted roofers in commercial roofing and TPO roofing system installations.

Please use the form on your right to request an installation estimate for your next TPO roofing project.

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  • Positive: Professionalism, Value

    Brad replaced one of our main roofs in 2014, he is a very professional roofing contractor and is competitively priced. Thank you! Will definitely use the Coast Mountain Roof when our roof reaches 30 - 35 years. Fiona Court Strata, Vancouver

    Service: Roof installation

    - Brian

  • Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

    Really happy with the roofing service we received from the team at Coast Mountain roofing. Both Brad’s were helpful and responsive right from quoting through installation and after. When we weren’t 100% happy with the clean up, Brad G (the roofing company owner) came out personally to finish up for us. What more could we ask for! Would happily use them again but hopefully won’t need to for many years! We have already referred them to neighbours in Vancouver.

    Service: Roof installation

    - Gary

  • Positive: Professionalism

    Excellent Roofing Company, Fast and Professional. Called up Coast Mountain for a new metal roof for my laneway house project in Vancouver. They were very professional, well priced and did a great roof installation. They were in and out, and cleaned up. They were very knowledgeable and provided me with good advice on the best system. I definitely would recommend them and use them again.

    Service: Roof installation

    - Greg

  • I had a lot of issues with the roofing company I used to re-roof my house. I've been doing a ton of research to find out about correct venting and torch-on roofing applications for low slope roofs. It's been very difficult to find the information I needed and I had the good fortune of talking with Brad of Coast Mountain and found he is a very knowledgeable roofer. Brad provided much insight and I really appreciate how much he went out of his way to give me his honest opinions and what seems to be vast knowledge of the roofing industry. I found Brad to be very honest and definitely made me wish I had found his roofing company to redo my roof instead of the company that did my roof, I would have avoided a huge headache. Definitely would recommend Brad and his company for anyone looking to do their roof. Thanks Brad!! 🙂

    Service: Roof installation

    - Lynn

  • Positive: Professionalism, Quality

    We had Brad's roofing team did a torch-on for my flat roof. They were very professional and did a great roofing job on installing the new roof in Vancouver. We felt like we were dealing with very honest people. The work was done and everything was cleaned up and we were very happy. Thanks, Sandford

    Service: Roof installation

    - Annabelle

  • Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

    My simple asphalt shingle roof was leaking after just 15 years so this time around I wanted to make sure I got the right shingle roof installer. I was very impressed by Brad and his roofing teams professionalism. He's very responsive and honest with his quote. The roofing contractors came on schedule and got it all done in two days, they cleaned up properly. The roof looks very solid. We were glad that we chose this roofing company! Would recommend it.

    Service: Roof installation

    - Linda

  • Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness

    My had to replace my old my roof last year. I got a recommendation from my agent to use service from the company. Because my house has a pretty steep driveway, and there were a big load of materials to remove and bring up, I expected the project to be the most complicated given the experience I had with other contractors for smaller installations like heating and piping. However, the team hired by company did an excellent job. They were always on time although they had to travel everyday from Surrey to Lions Bay in three weeks. They just came and left everyday till the whole roof was done. The only thing they asked from me was to open my garage for power supply. The company did inspection themselves after completion and did not find any problem. I waited almost a year to write this review because I wanted to make sure that I had no leakage with my new roof. It is supposed to last 40-50 years... but for now, I would recommend this company for any roofing project.

    Service: replace my old my roof last year

    - Nam Pham

  • Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

    We recently had our 26 year old asphalt roof and skylight replaced by Coast Mountain Roofing. After receiving several other quotes we decided on CMR. Owen, our estimator was great to deal with. He explained all our roofing options and was helpful answering any questions.The roofing crew was led by a guy named Dexter. They were a great bunch to deal with and always mindful of the autumn weather...not starting any section they couldn't finish up by days end. We were also impressed by the little extras like gable coverings, rain diverters and other flashings that were a big improvement from the original roofing. We would not hesitate to recommend Coast Mountain to anyone that is looking for a roof replacement. Rod and Sharon

    Service: Roof Repair

    - Sharon Reay

  • Replaced decayed trim and caps on three built up chimneys. They had proper staging, replaced the trim, pans and added rain screen. Fortunatly they found no damage to the underlying structures The seemed to have experience making this kind of repair, and performed the task in a workman like manner.

    Service: Roof Maintenance

    - Bob Bose

  • We have used Coast Mountain Roof for years. They are always prompt and professional. They rebuild our roof deck beautifully. Matching our heritage home perfectly.

    Service: Roof maintenance

    - Fran Tanner

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