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Commercial Roof Repair & Installations

The team at Coast Mountain Roof, Vancouver's Preferred Roofer has been installing commercial roofs for over two decades. We specialize in commercial & industrial roofing systems by offering torch-on roofing for all flat roof installations. We are confident that our high-quality new roofing systems and re-roofing projects will exceed your expectations in both the finished product and project management.

How Do We Work?

From understanding the needs of your business and your budget, to executing the job to the highest standard, our team will work with you to ensure it gets done right. We are fully equipped to manage all your roofing requirements, whether your roof is pitched or flat, has walking traffic, skylights, or special drainage needs.

Protecting Your Business

The integrity of the roof over your commercial premises not only protects your building, but also secures the future of your business. A sound roof keeps the elements outside, allowing you to concentrate on serving your customers and building your business. To that end we only use the latest roofing materials and techniques which come with industry leading warranties. We also protect our team and your building with the highest liability insurance in the industry with a Hot Work Endorsement.

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Choosing Materials For Your New Roof

A new roof is much more than a covering. We recognize that you have a choice of a wide variety of commercial roofing systems available in the industry today, it’s important to make the right choice for your business. We are proud to provide state-of-the-art commercial roofing systems, such as Thermoplastic TPO and EPDM rubber roofing.

We support you to consider your priorities in making that decision. Are you concerned about energy savings? Perhaps a roof with built in insulation is right for you. Are you interested in the latest developments in sustainability? Maybe you need to explore green roofs. We can help you from the beginning of this process, right through the installation.

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Commercial Roofing Installation

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Commercial Roofing Projects

commercial roofing project at 49th Ave in Vancouver

444 West 49th Avenue, Vancouver

  • 36,100 Square Feet
  • Full membrane removal
  • Re-installation of 2 ply Soprema Soprafix Membrane System
  • Completed in 55 days
commercial roofing project at Saturna drive in Burnaby

9145/9147/9149 Saturna Drive, Burnaby

  • Full membrane removal
  • Double cross-strapping and re-sheeting
  • Build-up of the parapet curb
  • Installation of Sopraboard overlay and 2 ply Conventional SBS torch-on membrane (Approximately 3300 Square feet for each building)
  • Completed in 41 days
one of our commercial roofing project at pandora street

1795 Pandora Street, Vancouver

  • Installation of 24-gauge Galvalume 3⁄4” corrugated cladding
  • Detail flashings at walls and around round/rectangular window surrounds
  • Completed in 18 Days
  • 6800 Square feet roofing
  • Removal of existing membrane and EPS insulation
  • Installation of new 2 ply SBS torch-on membrane
  • Completed in 19 days
commercial roofing project at Dempsey road in Vancouver

1569 Dempsey Rd, North Vancouver

  • Removal of existing cedar roofing
  • Installation of 3/8” plywood sheathing
  • Installation of 24 gauge standing seam metal roofing panels and all associated flashing details
  • Completed in 29 days
commercial roofing project at Fremlin street in Vancouver

8877 Fremlin Street, Vancouver

  • Removal of stucco wall covering
  • Sheathing repair with new plywood
  • Installation of Titanium PSU HT Ice and Water Shield
  • Installation of 26 gauge Diamond Rib cladding and all associated flashing detail
  • Completed in 29 days
installed torch on roof on Westview Drive in North Vancouver

2037 - 2039 Westview Drive, North Vancouver

  • Installation of 2 ply SBS Soprafix 635/655 Torch on roof
  • Installation of 24 gauge standing seam baked enamel steel panels with Titanium PSU Ice and Water Shield
  • Completed in 20 days
installed roof for 8000 sf in richmond

11580 Mitchell Road, Richmond

  • 3 cabins Approximately 8,000sf total
  • Installation of 2 ply SBS membrane to all deck areas
  • Installation of 2 layers Soprema Lastonbond Shield HT, 22 gauge 3⁄4” corrugated steel panels to low slope roof area
  • Installation of 22 gauge fascia wrap detail flashing
  • Completed in days
metal roof installed project in Langley

23670 32A Avenue, Langley

  • Approx. 8800 square feet of metal roofing and 5,600 square feet of flat roofing
  • Installation of 24 gauge commercial grade standing seam metal
  • Installation of 2 ply SBS torch-on roofing with 2% EPS taper package
  • Installation of 24 gauge commercial grade cap flashing with S-lock joints and Standing Seam corners
  • All completed to the satisfaction of Aqua Coast Engineering
  • Completed in 36 days
1900 commercial roofing installation in Burnaby

4188 Rumble Street, Burnaby

  • Approx. 1,900 square feet
  • Installation of 2 ply SBS torch-on membrane
  • Installation of 24 gauge commercial grade standing seam panels to curved roof with full ice and water shield
  • Completed in 21 days
commercial roofing project at 56th avenue in Langley

20620 56th Avenue, Langley

  • 13,000sf
  • Installation on new 24 gauge commercial grade standing seam panels to sloped roof area, with Z girts at panel terminations
  • Installation of new cap flashing
  • Installation of new Fully Adhered 60 mil EPDM gutter membrane
  • Completed in 37 days
re-roofing and replace cedar to asphalt installation in new westminster

720 Queens Avenue, New Westminster

  • Re-roofing of overhang/mansard roof sections
  • 8,500 Square feet of cedar to asphalt installation
  • 2000 Linear feet of Cedar Siding installation
  • Completed in 33 days
commercial roofing project at Ulster Street in Port Coquitlam

3320 Ulster Street, Port Coquitlam

  • 10 unit townhouse strata complex (Approximately 18,400 square feet in total)
  • Installation of full peel and stick Ice and Water shield
  • Installation of CertainTeed Landmark Algae Resistant shingles
  • Completed in 18 Days
we removed old tar and roof and installed new roof system in north vancouver

144 21st Street West, North Vancouver

  • 7,600 square feet
  • Removal of old tar and gravel roof
  • Installation of new Soprafix SBS roof system
  • Completed in 9 days
removal of old cedar roof and installed ventilation and AR roof in west vancouver

1129 Crestline Road, West Vancouver

  • Approx. 7,487 square feet
  • Removal of old cedar roof
  • Installation of new CertainTeed Landmark AR roof
  • Installation of new ridge/soffit ventilation
  • Completed in 7 days
commercial roofing project completed in 11 days

33140 Mill Lake Road, Abbotsford

  • Installation of 26 gauge commercial grade SMP standing seam cladding
  • Installation of new 26 gauge cap flashing with s-locks and standing seam corners
  • Completed in 11 days
installed plywood roof desk and flat roof system and skylights for commercial property in Vancouver

1395 West 12th Avenue, Vancouver

  • Removal of old tar and gravel roof
  • Installation of new plywood roof deck -Installation of new Soprafix 635/655 flat roof system
  • Installation of new skylights/frames
  • Completed in 10 days
600 sqft of commercial flat roof installed in west vancouver

80 Lions Bay Road, West Vancouver

  • 6,433 square feet of sloped roofing and 600 square feet of flat roofing
  • Installation of new CertainTeed Presidential TL shingles with full Ice and Water shield
  • Installation of new 2 ply SBS membrane
  • Installation of new Torch-on gutter membrane
  • Completed in 8 days
remove over 4000 sqft of old tar and gravel roof and installed 2 ply sbs membrane in new westminster

204 Agnes Street, New Westminster

  • 4,389 square feet -Removal of old tar and gravel roof
  • Installation of new 2 ply SBS membrane
  • Completed in 7 days
full removal of gravel roof and completed in 8 days in Vancouver

750 West 16th Avenue, Vancouver

  • 6,700 square feet
  • Full removal of existing tar and gravel roof
  • Installation of 2 ply Soprema Soprafix mechanically fasten system
  • Completed in 8 days
removed ply SBS roof and installed architectural sheet metal work in Vancouver

3477 Commercial Street, Vancouver

  • 11,000 square feet
  • Removal of existing 2 ply SBS roof
  • Salvaged existing slope insulation
  • Install new 2 ply Colvent SBS Membrane and all associated architectural sheet metal work
  • Completed in 35 days
removed epdm roof and installed tpo roof in Richmond

16880 Westminster Highway, Richmond

  • 14,712 square feet
  • Removal of existing EPDM roof
  • Installation of .080 mil TPO roof
  • Completed in 12 days


  • Positive: Professionalism, Value

    Brad replaced one of our main roofs in 2014, he is a very professional roofing contractor and is competitively priced. Thank you! Will definitely use the Coast Mountain Roof when our roof reaches 30 - 35 years. Fiona Court Strata, Vancouver

    Service: Roof installation

    - Brian

  • Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

    Really happy with the roofing service we received from the team at Coast Mountain roofing. Both Brad’s were helpful and responsive right from quoting through installation and after. When we weren’t 100% happy with the clean up, Brad G (the roofing company owner) came out personally to finish up for us. What more could we ask for! Would happily use them again but hopefully won’t need to for many years! We have already referred them to neighbours in Vancouver.

    Service: Roof installation

    - Gary

  • Positive: Professionalism

    Excellent Roofing Company, Fast and Professional. Called up Coast Mountain for a new metal roof for my laneway house project in Vancouver. They were very professional, well priced and did a great roof installation. They were in and out, and cleaned up. They were very knowledgeable and provided me with good advice on the best system. I definitely would recommend them and use them again.

    Service: Roof installation

    - Greg

  • I had a lot of issues with the roofing company I used to re-roof my house. I've been doing a ton of research to find out about correct venting and torch-on roofing applications for low slope roofs. It's been very difficult to find the information I needed and I had the good fortune of talking with Brad of Coast Mountain and found he is a very knowledgeable roofer. Brad provided much insight and I really appreciate how much he went out of his way to give me his honest opinions and what seems to be vast knowledge of the roofing industry. I found Brad to be very honest and definitely made me wish I had found his roofing company to redo my roof instead of the company that did my roof, I would have avoided a huge headache. Definitely would recommend Brad and his company for anyone looking to do their roof. Thanks Brad!! 🙂

    Service: Roof installation

    - Lynn

  • Positive: Professionalism, Quality

    We had Brad's roofing team did a torch-on for my flat roof. They were very professional and did a great roofing job on installing the new roof in Vancouver. We felt like we were dealing with very honest people. The work was done and everything was cleaned up and we were very happy. Thanks, Sandford

    Service: Roof installation

    - Annabelle

  • Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

    My simple asphalt shingle roof was leaking after just 15 years so this time around I wanted to make sure I got the right shingle roof installer. I was very impressed by Brad and his roofing teams professionalism. He's very responsive and honest with his quote. The roofing contractors came on schedule and got it all done in two days, they cleaned up properly. The roof looks very solid. We were glad that we chose this roofing company! Would recommend it.

    Service: Roof installation

    - Linda

  • Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness

    My had to replace my old my roof last year. I got a recommendation from my agent to use service from the company. Because my house has a pretty steep driveway, and there were a big load of materials to remove and bring up, I expected the project to be the most complicated given the experience I had with other contractors for smaller installations like heating and piping. However, the team hired by company did an excellent job. They were always on time although they had to travel everyday from Surrey to Lions Bay in three weeks. They just came and left everyday till the whole roof was done. The only thing they asked from me was to open my garage for power supply. The company did inspection themselves after completion and did not find any problem. I waited almost a year to write this review because I wanted to make sure that I had no leakage with my new roof. It is supposed to last 40-50 years... but for now, I would recommend this company for any roofing project.

    Service: replace my old my roof last year

    - Nam Pham

  • Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

    We recently had our 26 year old asphalt roof and skylight replaced by Coast Mountain Roofing. After receiving several other quotes we decided on CMR. Owen, our estimator was great to deal with. He explained all our roofing options and was helpful answering any questions.The roofing crew was led by a guy named Dexter. They were a great bunch to deal with and always mindful of the autumn weather...not starting any section they couldn't finish up by days end. We were also impressed by the little extras like gable coverings, rain diverters and other flashings that were a big improvement from the original roofing. We would not hesitate to recommend Coast Mountain to anyone that is looking for a roof replacement. Rod and Sharon

    Service: Roof Repair

    - Sharon Reay

  • Replaced decayed trim and caps on three built up chimneys. They had proper staging, replaced the trim, pans and added rain screen. Fortunatly they found no damage to the underlying structures The seemed to have experience making this kind of repair, and performed the task in a workman like manner.

    Service: Roof Maintenance

    - Bob Bose

  • We have used Coast Mountain Roof for years. They are always prompt and professional. They rebuild our roof deck beautifully. Matching our heritage home perfectly.

    Service: Roof maintenance

    - Fran Tanner

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