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Solar Panel System Installations (PV)

In today’s world, conserving energy is more than just a practicality. Its profitable!

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Energy conservation has become a necessary measure that has Solar Panel Energy Graphicto be taken in order to reduce the harmful effects of rapid climate change. Fortunately for the average consumer, saving energy at home is becoming far easier to do, thanks to the increased availability of eco-friendly products and building materials.

Solar energy is one of the most abundant sources of renewable energy, and now thanks to Coast Mountain Roof, both home and commercial business owners can take advantage of this energy source by having us install a roof mounted solar energy system.

Solar Energy Systems

There are a few different types of solar energy systems to choose from, each one comes with its own particular benefits. The experts at Coast Mountain Roof can certainly help you decide which system would be the ideal fit for your home and lifestyle. We are a leading renewable energy services company in BC specializing in design, sales and installation of Solar PV systems.

How is Solar Energy Produced?how does solar work

Producing solar energy is as easy as harnessing the sun’s rays or photons and converting them into electrical energy.

This is done through solar panels composed of photovoltaic (PV) or solar cells that are installed on your roof.

When the sun hits a cell, the photons are converted to electrons of direct current (DC) electricity that flow through an inverter where they are then transformed into an alternating current (AC) power. Electricity produced from solar panels is then used to power your home or business.

Solar energy produced is tracked through a net energy meter.

graphic showing solar energy Any unused electricity from production simultaneously goes back into the electrical grid. At night or on cloudy days – when your solar power system is not producing more than what’s needed –electricity is drawn from the grid as it normally would. In most cases, solar panels produce more than enough energy.

When you consider the amount of money and energy you will end up saving, installing a solar energy system makes a great deal of financial and practical sense. In addition to the up-front reduction of energy costs, many provinces also provide tax credits for residents who decide to install solar panels on or around their homes.

Solar Panel Installation Process

From consultation and design through to installation and integration, we will find the technology best suited for your needs while ensuring maximized savings.

Get Your Solar PV System in 5 Easy Steps.

  1. Get a free customized quote.
  2. Sign your agreement.
  3. We design your solar panel system.
  4. Schedule your 1-day installation.
  5. Turn on the power.

To see if installing a solar PV energy system is right for you, and to get a free, no obligation quote, call Coast Mountain Roof and we'll send you details on how you can save money and the environment by going solar.

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