Advantages of a Metal Roof

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Advantages of metal roofing

Roofs come in many shapes and materials. There is one kind of roof that stands out from the rest when it comes to durability and aesthetics. Metal roofs.

What Is A Metal Roof?

In the past, metal roofs have gotten a bad rap. With people citing cost, noise and the potential for rust as reasons to go with clay tiles or asphalt shingles. The tides have turned for the humble metal roof and it’s widely acknowledged that metal roofs are the way of the future.

There are many advantages to choosing a metal roof over the other options out there. For one, and this is the big one for many, it will save you money (in the long run). While metal roofs might be more expensive to install initially, metal roofs can last a lifetime, usually coming with a 30 to 50 year warranty. Compare that to the cost of replacing most roofs ever 15 or so years and the point goes to the trusty metal roof.


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Another reason metal roofs are appealing is that they can simply be beautiful. Metal roofs can come in a wide variety of colours and with advances in technology, metal can be manufactured to look just like any other type of material. So if the look of a traditional metal roof doesn’t appeal to you, you can simply order the metal to look like asphalt shingles, clay tile, cedar shake or slate. But again, the metal roof will long outlast any of these other options.

Some people, many people actually, find the look of a metal roof attractive. Gone are the days of silver, shiny metal as your only option. You can find metal roofing that suits any style home, in almost any colour and a myriad of finishes.

Benefits Of A Metal Roof

If considering the environmental impact of your home is a consideration for you, and for many people in Vancouver, this is of prime concern, you will find another advantage to metal roofing in this department. Metal roofs are made of recycled material, anywhere from 30-60 percent recycled. Home building can be a very wasteful industry, but metal roofs aim to cut down on what goes to the landfill. Not only are the roofs made of recycled material, they can be recycled when their time has come. Another point for metal!

One thing that might deter you from a metal roof is that you think that when it rains, the sound of raindrops hitting the roof will drive you crazy, an obvious concern for anyone living in Vancouver. However, the noise from rain on one of today’s metal roofs if installed properly, actually does more for soundproofing against the rain than many other options.

Metal roofs are having their day in the sun again, and it’s about time. The advantages to them are many, they are long lasting, light weight and incredibly durable; they are fire, wind, and hail resistant; they come in a variety of colours and gorgeous design styles; they are energy efficient, noise resistant and nearly rust proof. And they have a much lighter footprint when it comes to environmental concerns. Just think, if you outlive your metal roof (which might not happen, these things last a long long time), what once gave you shelter will get another life as a soda pop can.

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