Are Metal Roofs Noisy?

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Metal roofs are great for many reasons: they’re energy efficient, durable, long-lasting, and low maintenance. They’re great for protecting your home against harsh elements such as rain, snow, wind, and heat, however, does this level of protection have any drawbacks? You may be concerned about the noise levels or recall the sound of rain hitting the metal roofs of barns or sheds and worry that your building will have a similar problem.

So, are metal roofs noisy? No, not with the correct installation by roofing professionals such as those at Coast Mountain Roof. As it turns out, metal roofs are no noisier than traditional asphalt shingle roofs and, in some cases, they have superior noise cancelling capabilities. Through a variety of decking, underlay installments, and insulation, your metal roof can be the silent protector of your home.

Why Some Metal Roofs Are Noisy

It comes down to the installation method. Older structures, such as barns and sheds, have metal roofs that are directly installed over rafters and are held in place by exposed fasteners. So, when hit by heavy rain or hail, the metal roofing rattles, causing quite the racket. However, this method of installation is long gone and has since been updated, making metal a great choice of material to minimize noise pollution.

Minimizing Noise with Metal Roofing

Residential roofs use plywood or OSB sheathing panels over the rafters or trusses of the roof, underneath the metal. These added layers absorb sound as it travels through your roofing materials. By the time it gets to the last layer, there’s hardly any sound left to hear.

If you’re looking to update your roof from shingles to metal, noise won’t be an issue as metal cladding can be placed over top of the shingles. Modern residential and commercial buildings have the foundations in place to host a solid deck with an efficient underlayment. When combined with an insulated attic airspace below, noise levels are easily controlled.

Noise Solutions

If your metal roof was installed without decking, underlayment, or insulation, there are ways to reduce noise. At Coast Mountain Roof, your comfort and safety are important to us, therefore, our team of experts have the tools and capabilities to quiet your metal roof. Here’s how our roofers will work to minimize the noise of your metal roof:

1.     Add Insulation

Insulating your roof is important for a few reasons, noise reduction being one of them. Adding proper insulation serves as an acoustic barrier to minimize noise transfer throughout your residential or commercial building. It also improves your buildings energy efficiency by storing heat in the winter and releasing it during the summer. This lowers the cost of heating and air conditioning, creating a more earth-friendly environment.

2.     Proper Fasteners

Ensuring that your metal roofing panels are properly fastened is crucial to noise reduction. Fasteners need to be adjusted based on the structure and materials, or they risk being overly or under-fastened. Our roofing contractors can apply the correct spacing, layout, and tightness level of your fasteners to build a durable, quiet metal roof.

Why Choose Metal Roofing?

  • Metal roofs are highly durable and long-lasting. They rarely need repairs for leaks and damages compared to other roofing materials.
  • They can withstand extreme weather conditions, better protecting your home or business.
  • Metal roofs reflect the heat of the sun, resulting in cooler internal temperatures in the hotter months. This lowers energy costs and is more environmentally friendly.
  • Metal is highly recyclable, unlike some other roofing materials. Therefore, by installing a metal roof, you’re also helping the environment.
  • Aesthetically, metal roofing is a great way to modernize your residential or commercial building. Available in a variety of colors, patterns, and finishes, metal roofing can elevate your space and increase your investment.
  • When installed correctly, metal roofs are great at deterring noise pollution from the interior of your building.

Who Should Install Your Metal Roof?

Metal roofing in Vancouver has been around for years, just like our team at Coast Mountain Roof. As Vancouver’s trusted roofing company for all residential and commercial properties, our team of highly trained and experienced roofers can install metal roofing to your building, with your specifications and concerns in mind. If you’re looking for quick, efficient, and affordable roofing services, reach out today for a free quote on your next roofing job.