Four Excellent Tips for Maintaining Your Cedar Shake Roof

Brad GordonCedar Shake, Roof Maintenance


If you happen to cover your property with a cedar shake roof, you know firsthand the striking appearance that such a roof gives.  And while a cedar shake roof is great to have, it also requires maintenance.

Just the same as shingles, cedar shake roofs expand and contract as the weather temperatures change.  And although this is very normal, you should realize that such expanding and contracting often leads to the tiles cracking.  If your roof has tiles that are cracked, it is imperative that they get fixed as soon as possible because if left untreated, this can result in costly repairs.

If you’re in the Vancouver area and you’re in need of roofing services, make sure to contact a professional roofer for advice.  As for now, though, let’s discuss four very important tips that you should follow to take care of your cedar shake roof.

Inspections Are Crucial

As pointed out before, your cedar shake roof needs to be inspected annually, preferably at least once a year.  During every inspection, the following should be looked for:

  • Cracked shakes
  • Broken shakes
  • Curled shakes
  • Rusted flashing
  • Loosened flashing
  • Cracked chimneys
  • Cracked joints


Check for Mold Growth

Just the same as you don’t want mold growing on your walls, you don’t want it growing on your cedar shake roof either. If mold, moss or lichen start growing on your roof, this can easily lead to your roof trapping too much moisture, which ultimately leads to leaks.  Unfortunately, such leaks will lead to water getting into your walls and much more.  To put it simply, mold growth leads to extremely costly repairs.

Pressure Washing is Essential

To keep your cedar shake roof looking its best, pressure washing it regularly is a necessity.  When you pressure wash it, make sure you that you apply the appropriate chemicals and preservatives to your water.  There are many types of roof preservatives for you to choose from, but make sure you choose those that are meant specifically to be used on cedar shake roofs.

Attic Ventilation is Imperative

To extend the life of your cedar shake roof, or any roof for the matter, attic ventilation is of the utmost importance.  If you don’t have proper ventilation, then heat and moisture become trapped, and this of course leads to your roof prematurely deteriorating and rotting.  On the other hand, with proper ventilation, your roof will be able to perform its duty with optimal efficiency.

Your roof on your commercial or residential property should be considered a very large asset.  After all, without the roof, everything that it covers would be of no value.  Make sure you keep in mind the above mentioned tips when it comes to keeping your cedar shake roof in tip-top shape.