How to Keep Your Metal Building Cool?

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visual image of metal clad commercial roof

Looking to keep your metal building cool this summer? In the peak summer months, you may be concerned about keeping your metal building cool under the hot sun. While you may assume that metal buildings inevitably run hotter than traditional materials, there are many cooling benefits that come with the installation of metal cladding on buildings.

Incorporating metal cladding into the construction of your Vancouver building can cool your space from the outside in. From the material types and colour choice to the design and landscaping, there are several factors that can maximize the cooling benefits of your metal building.

Install a Cool Metal Roof

No roof is immune to heating up when sat directly under the hot summer’s sun. Traditional roofing materials heat up throughout the day because they’re exposed to high levels of light. However, metal cladding possesses a low thermal mass so rather than absorb light and heat, the metal reflects these elements. As they’re both light in colour and are topped with reflective coatings, this results in a cooler roof and a more energy efficient building. In choosing metal materials, your AC won’t be working full blast trying to cool the heat absorbed by your roof. Furthermore, there are methods available to maximize the cooling effects of your metal roof:

1. Colour and Finish

Darker colours absorb more light, no matter the material. This applies to metal roofs as well, therefore, when choosing the colour of your metal roof, opt for a lighter shade to minimize heat absorption. When it comes to the finish of your metal roof, there are several options available. By choosing one that increases sun reflection, your roof can counteract the sun’s heat rays to increase cooling. The Vancouver roofing contractors at Coast Mountain Roof can assist you in choosing the optimal colour and finish to keep your building cool.

2. Material Mass

As effective as metal roofs are in reflecting light, there will inevitably be a degree of heat absorption. Materials that sit under direct sunlight will absorb heat throughout the day, then release it once the environment cools down. The thicker the material, the longer it takes for this heat to release. Metal cladding is thin to begin with, however, you can optimize heat release by choosing thinner forms of metal for your roof.

3. Upgrade Your Metal Building’s Insulation

Adding insulation to your metal building will regulate the internal temperature. Proper insulation blocks heat in the summer and holds it during the winter, regulating your desired temperatures throughout the year. Majority of heat gain and loss occurs in the top level of buildings, so ensure that your top floor (or attic) is well insulated to encourage energy efficiency.

4. Up Your Ventilation Game

Adequate ventilation can increase the airflow throughout your metal building and result in a cooler, more energy efficient space throughout the summer. By strategically placing windows, doors, and vents throughout your building, you can minimize the need for AC. Installing proper ventilation allows you to use natural airways in the night such as keeping windows ajar, and then artificial cooling systems such as your AC, during the day. This will cut cooling costs and result in a greener system all together.

You can also install ventilating systems directly to your metal roof. Ridge vents, soffits, and skylights all maximize airflow and work to cool not just your roof, but the entire building. Experienced roofing companies in Vancouver such as Coast Mountain Roofing understand the importance of proper ventilation and can install these mechanisms to your roof.

5. Add Awnings, Overhangs, and Canopies

Adding these details to your metal building will cool the space considerably. By extending your roof or installing awnings to south and west facing windows and walls, you decrease heat absorption and provide more shade to these highly exposed areas.

6. Savvy Landscaping

There are efficient and aesthetic ways to naturally cool your metal building from a distance. You can plant trees and shrubs around your building to shade the buildings surfaces. Focus on planting these in southern and western facing areas as they’re exposed to the highest levels of direct sunlight throughout the day.

Maximize Your Metal Cladding

Metal materials are great at naturally cooling your building from the outside in. With proper ventilation, wise choice of materials, and strategic insulation, you can transform your metal building into a cooling machine. Our contractors at Coast Mountain Roofing are experienced and well-versed in the installation of cooling metal cladding and can optimize the cooling effects of your commercial or residential metal building. Get a quote today!