Questions to Ask Your Roofing Contractor

Brad GordonRoof Tips

When choosing a roofing contractor, it is very important that property owners exercise diligence. We’ve compiled a list of questions to ask your roofing contractor before you hire them.

The roof of your home or business is the first and last line of defense, protecting your building and its contents against the elements. Those of us who have the pleasure of calling the picturesque, but perpetually precipitating Pacific Northwest home know too well that those elements can be unpredictable and relentless.

When that wicked weather strikes and lashes and beats your building, the only thing between you and your most valued possessions and the elements is the quality of your roofing materials and the workmanship of your contractor. While most roofing materials come with extended warranties, not all property owners have the same guarantee when it comes to their contractor.


Do You Provide Inspections and Quotes?

In order to provide an accurate estimate of the cost and time it will take to repair or replace your roof, your roofing contractor must complete a physical inspection of the roof.  This cannot be done over the phone.


Do You Carry Liability Insurance?

It is critical that your roofing contractor is fully insured and capable of covering any accidents or mishaps that might occur while working on your roof.  If your contractor is not insured, they should not be working on your property.


Can You Provide References?

When choosing a roofing contractor, you want someone with a proven track record and successful work history. Your roofer should have at least a handful of references at the ready. These references should be current and reflect projects that are similar in scope and complexity.


Do You Provide A Workmanship Warranty?

While the manufacturers’ warranty will cover the materials used in your roof repair or replacement, property owners can protect themselves against shoddy workmanship by demanding that their roofing contractor provide a workmanship warranty as well. The workmanship warranty will cover the work performed and ensure that it is completed to code and the highest professional standard.


Do The Materials You Use Come With A Manufacturer’s Warranty?

Your contractor should be able to provide the details of the warranty covering the materials used in roof repair or replacement


Are You A Member Of The Better Business Bureau?

When your contractor is a member of the BBB, you can be sure that they are accountable and adhering to best practices in both industry and customer relations. Your contractor should be active, accountable and experienced.


Do You Have An Active Safety Plan?

The roofing business comes with inherent dangers. Your roofer should have a comprehensive safety plan in place that protects both the property owners and employees with a proactive approach to safety.


How Long Have You Been Roofing?

When hiring a roofing contractor, you want to be sure that they are experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of the industry and prepared to solve any problems that might arise during the course of your roofing project.  Time spent in the industry will indicate not only their abilities, but also if they will be around for the foreseeable future in order to solve any problems that might occur with your roof.


Is Clean Up Covered In The Cost Of The Contract?

When your contractor is finished with your roof, your property should be returned to its original state. While this might seem to be a no-brainer, it is important to ensure that your roofing contractor will include clean up and debris removal in the cost of the contract.


Do you offer maintenance plans?

Once you’ve invested in repairing or replacing your roof, you’re still going to need to maintain the system. Your roofer should be prepared to provide a maintenance plan to ensure the longevity and effectiveness of your investment.


Do You Provide a Written Contract?

Your contractor should provide a written contract outlining the timeline, cost, material, and scope of your project. This contract will ensure that you and your contractor are in agreement on all aspects of your project and that you know exactly what is to be delivered.


Does Your Roof Need to be Repaired or Replaced?

Many roofs can be repaired rather than replaced, saving property owners time and money. Make sure your contractor is prepared to explore and explain the most efficient way to solve your roofing problems.