The Advantages of Torch-On Roofing Systems for BC Homes

Brad GordonTorch On Roofing

Torch On Roofing

In BC’s West Coast climate, it’s important to keep your roof maintained for longevity. UV exposure during the summer months and heavy rain and snow in the winter months can cause premature degradation. Standing water can also cause stripping of granules, worsen build-up of organic debris and oversaturation of the membrane.

SBS/Torch-on membrane roofing, CMR’s recommended offering for flat roofs of all types, involves the application of a 2-ply membrane system. These plies are torch welded or thermos-fused together to create a monolithic membrane, when installed correctly. The high-heat, torch welded application is a proven method in causing leak free roofing membranes that aid in drainage and stand up to the rigors of our West Coast weather.

Why choose a torch-on roof system instead of a single-ply membrane in the climate of BC’s West Coast?

Single-ply membranes may be less effective in BC’s West Coast climate, especially during heavy rain and high moisture conditions. Therefore, the torch-on system is a more cost-effective and reliable choice for long-term performance and protection.

Key Benefits of Torch On Roofing


Torch-on roofs combine exceptional durability and structural integrity, proving tough and lasting with their effectiveness in keeping out moisture, particularly in Vancouver’s rainy weather, due to a three-layer system that excels at waterproofing.


With resistance to decay and degradation over its lifetime, UV reflective capabilities, and strong resistance to expansion and contraction, these materials reduce maintenance and repair costs, leading to up to 20 years of durability with minimal maintenance.

While torch-on roofing offers great benefits, the installation process can be challenging due to the need for an open flame. Therefore, it’s crucial to select a highly qualified, fully insured, and experienced torch-on installer and roofing contractor to ensure a safe and effective installation for your home.

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