How Can an RRO (Registered Roof Observer) Help You?

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Registered Roof Observer (RRO)

An RRO serves as a neutral party, ensuring workmanship aligns with the standards outlined in contract documents. These certified quality assurance observers play a pivotal role in upholding compliance with project specifications, detailed drawings, and manufacturer requirements. Throughout the project, they meticulously document and submit reports to the project team.

Registered Roof Observers are committed to:

  • Honest conduct, promoting effective resource use transparently and impartially.
  • Unprejudiced and unbiased judgment during service.
  • Making accurate, truthful claims about their qualifications, experiences, or performance.
  • Objectivity and truthfulness in reports, statements, testimony, and on social media.
  • Importance of Roof Maintenance

Importance of Roof Maintenance

Regular maintenance is important for preserving the strength of your roof and preventing damage. Whether it’s a reroof or a re-cover project, roofing is complex. It involves identifying roof contents, addressing poor drainage, removing outdated equipment, and ensuring adequate space for additional insulation if needed.

An RRO can review existing roofs, prepare construction documents, conduct forensic audits, and monitor construction to ensure adherence to codes and specifications.

Hiring an RRO

When selecting the right RRO, focus on qualifications, experience, and review their case studies to gauge reliability in the industry. At Coast Mountain Roof, our trusted experts prioritize compliance with industry standards, transparent pricing, attention to detail, and showcase supporting case studies across the Lower Mainland.

Why Choose Coast Mountain Roof?

  • We stand behind everything we do to ensure high quality workmanship
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  • RCABC Trained Red Seal Endorsed technicians and registered apprentices on every project
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