How Can an RRO (Registered Roof Observer) Help You?

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Registered Roof Observer (RRO)

An RRO serves as a neutral party, ensuring workmanship aligns with the standards outlined in contract documents. These certified quality assurance observers play a pivotal role in upholding compliance with project specifications, detailed drawings, and manufacturer requirements. Throughout the project, they meticulously document and submit reports to the project team. Registered Roof Observers are committed to: Honest conduct, promoting effective … Read More

Why Are Commercial Roofs Flat?

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image of Vancouver skyline with commercial flat roofs

When you look around the city of Vancouver, you’ll notice that most commercial buildings have something in common: flat rooftops. While commercial roofs appear completely flat, this isn’t exactly the case. Most flat roofs are built with a slight 2% slope to them. This encourages drainage and allows the water to flow to the center of the roof into a … Read More

Why Hire A Professional Roofer (Part 2)

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Roof Repairs

Owning and maintaining a home these days has become an expensive proposition to say the least. That’s why a lot of people who require renovations or repairs of any kind are always on the lookout for ways to save money. In some cases, this may mean taking a DIY approach to household projects, or simply hiring the least expensive contractor … Read More

Why Hire A Professional Roofer

Brad GordonWhy Hire A Professional Roofer

Roof Repair Van

In many ways, the growth of Do-It-Yourself culture is exciting and inspiring. It’s always great to learn how to be self-sufficient and there is nothing more satisfying than building something with your own hands. And in this day and age, it almost seems inevitable — information has never been easier to get. The problem occurs when an inexperienced person takes … Read More