Are Trees Good or Bad For Your Home’s Roof?

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Dangers posed by trees to a roof

Mature trees on a property can go a long way towards boosting curb appeal and a property’s value. Unfortunately, tall trees with lots of long branches hanging over your roof can potentially be terrible. To help you prepare for what to do about branches falling on your roof, we have provided a few helpful tips listed below. High winds and … Read More

CertainTeed Roof Guarantee

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Asphalt shingles with sealed vents

Coast Mountain Roof is proud of the quality of work we offer. From our client feedback and recognition in the community, we know that we stand above the rest. However, we can’t take all the credit. To achieve such a high level of customer satisfaction means using the highest quality products on each and every project. In Vancouver, Burnaby and … Read More

Roofing Tips For Winter

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Winter roofing tips

The leaves continue to fall… heavier winds blow loose branches out of the woods and onto your roof… Now what? Bring the small stuff down to the gutters, then, clear your gutters. And, clear away any larger debris, right away. This is the best in between task you can do to help keep your roof in good condition. Roof rakes … Read More

What are the Best Residential Roofing Materials for the Pacific Northwest

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Replacing the roof on your home is an important and expensive undertaking. Choosing the right material can improve your home’s aesthetic appeal and also increase the value of your home for resale. Homeowners must consider many factors when choosing the roofing material that best suits their home. While aesthetic appeal and expense must surely be considered when choosing the roofing … Read More